Beatrice Allsop, mobilised 8th August 1914 with No.7 General Hospital, awarded the Military Medal in August 1916 while working in Bethune [photo Imperial War Museum]


     Although Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service had its own reserve of nurses, formed in 1908, it was never able to attract enough members of the right quality.  In the summer of 1909 a new initiative by the War Office brought into being the Civil Hospital Reserve, a group of trained nurses from throughout the United Kingdom vetted and recommended by their civil hospital matrons and each one willing to mobilise with the military nursing services in case of any future war. Although no known register of CHR members survives, individual service records usually indicate if a woman was mobilised as part of the Civil Hospital Reserve, and gives her hospital of origin. These nurses wore the uniform of QAIMNS Reserve, initially without a service badge, and as the war progressed the majority signed new contracts and transferred to the QAIMNS Reserve itself.

     Prior to the outbreak of the First World War there were roughly six hundred trained nurses earmarked by their Matrons to be put forward for mobilisation if their services were ever needed. They were women with no previous experience of military service, many of an older age group, but most with wide experience in civil hospitals. Their Matrons were already in possession of military contracts of service, and records show that many were mobilised within a week of the outbreak of war. Of those members mobilised, 374 were awarded the 1914 Star for service in France and Flanders prior to the 22nd November 1914.  These nurses, with no prior experience of active service, formed a large percentage of those proceeding overseas in the early days of the war and the importance of the 1911 decision which led to the formation of the service cannot be under-estimated. Many nurses remained in France for the duration of the war, several were awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the face of enemy action, and a few have left behind a written record of their wartime experiences. The move from comfortable, well-organised civil hospitals to the early ramshackle arrangements in France and Flanders must have been a great shock but they rose to the challenge in style.

     The list below is taken from the 1914 Star medal roll held at The National Archives (WO329/2512).  The addresses given are those relevant at the time that the individual award was confirmed sometime between 1918 and 1923 and are a mixture of home, civil hospital and military addresses.

     In theory, the dates should refer to the date of embarkation for, or disembarkation in, France.  However, in many cases this is not the case as no nurse left England with the British military nursing services prior to the night of the 14th August 1914, and a check of individual records strongly suggests that these dates, particularly the very early ones, refer to the date of mobilisation and the signing of a War Office contract at their civil hospital.

More details of the Civil Hospital Reserve can be found on the pages The Reserves and Mobilisation


ALEXANDER, MARGARET, 12/11/1914, B.E.F., France
ABRAHAM, MAUD ALICE, 06/11/1914, B.E.F., France
ANGEL, BETTY, 20/11/1914, B.E.F. France
ADAM, JULIA CAROLINE, 16/08/1914, Themberston, Dingwall, Ross-shire
AMES, ISABEL, 17/08/1914, Salonica
APPLETON, EDITH ELIZABETH, 18/09/1914, B.E.F. France
ALLSOP, BEATRICE ALICE, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
ASHFORD, MARY RIDLEY, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France

BISHOP, KATHERINE MAUD, 25/09/1914, Salonica
BRAY, ETHEL, 08/08/1914, Military Hospital, Colchester
BANKS, ANNIE, 12/08/1914, Woodlands, Pudsey, Leeds
BARBIER, ISABELL EUGENIE MARIA, 08/08/1914, Matron-in-Chief's Office, Lines of Communication, B.E.F., France
BURGESS, LAURA GWENDOLINE, 17/11/1914, B.E.F. France
BURRELL, STELLA BRIGHT, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BROWN, MILDRED ANNE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BOURDILLON, MARY, 17/08/1914, Barcombe, Sussex
BEARDSHAW, MARY FORBES, 17/08/1914, War Hospital, Guildford
BARKLIE, STEPHANIE ALICE CLEGG, 17/08/1914, (MRS BRENT), c/o Mrs. Nex, Barkston le Willows, Grantham, Leeds
BINNIAN, ALICE CATHERINE, 11/08/1914, Braeside, Farningham, Kent
BASSETT, NELLIE REEKES, 16/08/1914, (MRS SMITH), B.E.F., France
BAXTER, SUSAN, 16/11/1914, B.E.F. France
BALL, NELLIE, 20/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BINNS, HELEN CATHERINE, 09/10/1914, B.E.F. France
BARKER, CONSTANCE ELEANOR, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
BLADES, ALINE QUIDDINGTON, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BLAMIRE-BROWN, MARY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BATCHELOR, CORNELIA, 17/08/1914, Academy Square, Montrose, Forfarshire
BOYLE, KATHERINE GERTRUDE, 08/08/1914, Carlstone, Southbourne, Bournemouth
BROWNING, FLORA MCDONALD, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BAILEY, EMILIE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
BAUGH, HILDA EDITH, 17/08/1914, Isolation Hospital, Colne, Wiltshire
BUCKINGHAM, KATHLEEN WELCH, Matron, 14/11/1914, Cottage Hospital, Halstead, Kent
BROTHWELL, KATE ANN MADINE, 14/11/1914, Military Hospital, Parkhurst, Isle of Wight
BOND, KATHLEEN MARGARET, 14/11/1914, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxford
BOWEN, MARTHA CHARLOTTE, 07/10/1914, John Brown Esq., Market Hill, Co. Armagh, Ireland
BLACKETT, AGNES, 07/10/1914, 79 Nairne Street, Burnley, Lancashire
BRAILSFORD, MARIE, 16/08/1914, Pen-y-Bryn, Duffield Road, Derby
BYRNE, ELLEN, 13/11/1914, B.E.F. France
BRUCE, MARJORIE MITCHELL, 13/11/1914, Prees Heath Camp Military Hospital, Whitchurch
BRUCE, JANET, 06/11/1914, 1 Boghall Street, Stonehouse, North Berwickshire
BRAKEFIELD, HILDA LONGLEY, 29/10/1914, c/o Mrs. Edwin Moore, 21 Birch Road, Sherbroke, Quebec, Canada

CAVEN, ELLEN JESSIE, 08/10/1914, B.E.F. France
COLLINS, MARGARET, 10/11/1914, Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich
CALDER, MARGARET CATHERINE, 20/11/1914, St. Edmunds, Tain, North Berwickshire
CARTHEW, KATHLEEN MARY, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
COULTER, JOSEPHINE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CROOKS, ANNIE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CUMBERLIDGE, ETHEL MAY, 29/10/1914, B.E.F. France
COSBY, ISABELLA MONTAGUE, 06/11/1914, (MRS. RICHARDSON), c/o Mrs. Parker, 29 Langland Gardens, Hampstead, London, N.W.
CRESSER, SUSAN MORRISON, 15/08/1914, 40 Victoria Street, Edinburgh
CHAPMAN, EMMA, 11/08/1914, 107 Nelson Road, Great Yarmouth
COOPER, FRANCES CLARA, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CULLIS, ANNIE LOUISE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CAIG, HELEN, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CROFT, EDITH WINIFRED, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CAMERON, JEANNIE WA LLACE, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Tidworth
CASSERLEY, ANNIE ELEANOR, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CLARKE, MARY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CURRAN, MAY, 06/10/1914, B.E.F. France
CROFT, ANNIE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CARRUTHERS, EMILY, 14/10/1914, 155 Severn Road, Cardiff
CONWAY, ALICIA MARY, 14/10/1914, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
COLSTON, MARY EMILY ALFREDA, 14/10/1914, B.E.F. France
COOKE, EDITH, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
CLEMENTS, NELLIE GRACE, 08/08/1914, (MRS. BATES) Audley End Cottage, Woodville Road, Bexhill, Sussex
COX, LILLIAN, 16/10/1914, B.E.F. France
CULLWICK, Beatrice R., 12/11/1914, B.E.F. France
CRAIG, ISABELLA, 02/11/1914, B.E.F. France
CATHELS, KATHERINE, 11/08/1914, (MRS. MANSFIELD), The Manse, Hawick, North Berwickshire
CRICHTON, MAY, 17/08/1914, 26 Culverton Park Road, Tunbridge Wells
COULTER, SUSANNA, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France

DAMON, ETHEL LILIAN, 11/09/1914, Miss Charles, Springdale, Haliburton Road, St. Margarets, Twickenham [Entry crossed through]
DALTON, GWLADYS, 14/08/1914, 6 Queens Square, Glasgow
DEAKIN, LUCY POWNALL, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DUNCAN, ANNIE, 08/08/1914, c/o Joseph Duncan, 32 Gibson Street, Hillhead, Glasgow
DALY, HENRIETTA, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DRIVER, HELEN OCTAVIA, 08/08/1914, Bealings, Woodbridge, Suffolk
DEY, HELEN, 10/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DUNCAN, JESSIE, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DANGERFIELD, ANNIE, 12/08/1914, Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot
DUNBAR, FLORENCE, 16/08/1914, The Corner House, Park Avenue, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
DUNCAN, ELIZABETH, 06/11/1914, Tigh-na-Burn, Paisley
DRUCE, CONSTANCE EDITH, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DANIELS, BESSIE HOPE, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
DANIELS, ADA MARIE, 28/11/1914, B.E.F. France
DAVIS, ALICE MARGARET, 08/11/1914, (MRS WALKER), Southleach, Lechlade, Gloucestershire
DAISH, ELSIE, 17/08/1914, 129 Stretford Road, Urmston, Manchester
DODDS, MARIE SLEIGH, 15/11/1914, North Evington War Hospital, Leicester
DAVIS, MILDRED MAUD, 11/08/1914, Secretary at Post Office, Ranch Belard, Vassa, India
DUNCUM, EVELYN MARY, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Frognal, Sidcup
DOHERTY, MARY AGNES, 16/08/1914, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, Ireland (Died 5 September 1916)
DODD, ETHEL HELENA, 12/11/1914, Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich
DODSON, MARY ANNE, 07/10/1914, B.E.F. France
DUNK, EDITH MARY, 16/08/1914, c/o Mrs. Wakman, Hilby, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
DICKSON, BESSIE MITCHELL, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
DALE, MARTHA ELIZABETH, 08/08/1914, Lower Snowdon, Motley, Yorkshire
DAVIS, FLORENCE LOUISE, 20/09/1914, 11 Leeland Mansions, Bank Chambers, Ealing

EDGAR, A. MCCHEYNE, 12/08/1914, B.E.F. France
EVERS, WINIFRED AYRE, 16/08/1914, Italy
ENSOR, FLORENCE EDITH, 17/08/1914, Rugeley Camp, Cannock Chase
EVANS, ELSIE JANET, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
EASBY, NORA, 16/08/2014, B.E.F. France
EDWARDS, EDITH JOWETT, 08/08/1914, 21 Dewhurst Road, Streatham Common
ELLISON, MAUD, 16/08/1914, General Infirmary, Worcester
EVANS, WINIFRED, 05/11/1914, B.E.F. France
EVANS, ETHEL MARY, 29/10/1914, B.E.F. France
FRASER, ELSIE GERTRUDE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
FLANAGAN, SARAH, 06/10/1914, B.E.F. France
FEWLASS , ELLEN, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
FOGARTY, ALICE MARY, 20/10/1914, Belwood, Templemore, Co. Tipperary
FLETCHER, MARGERY ALICE, 05/11/1914, B.E.F. France
FAIRBAIRN, MAY RAMAGE, 28/10/1914, B.E.F. France
FRASER, DORA, 17/11/1914, Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot
FORD, BERYL DOUGLAS, 11/08/1914, Westminster Hospital, Broad Sanctuary, London, S.W.
FAIRBROTHER, MABEL, (MRS. STANFIELD), c/o Charles Fairbrother, 7 York Avenue, Hove [entry crossed through]

GOW, MARY JANE, 14/10/1914, Gartcosh, North Berwickshire
GRAYSON, DORA GRANVILLE, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
GAMBRILL, NORAH, 17/08/1914, (MRS. PHILLIPS), Penlee Cottage, South Hayling, Havant, Hampshire
GORHAM, WINIFRED, 17/11/1914, B.E.F. France
GOLDTHORP, MARY ETHEL, 17/08/1914, West House, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
GILL, FANNY BLANCHE, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Haxby Road, York
GILLIS, ELIZA ADELAIDE, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Belton Park, Grantham
GORDON, MARGARET ISOBEL, 09/11/1914, B.E.F. France
GARDINER, SYBIL SENIOR, 20/11/1914, Salonica [Entry crossed through]
GALVIN, NELLIE, 06/10/1914, c/o F. Galvin Esq., Caherbauna House, Ennis, Ireland
GODSALL, DORA, 17/08/1914, c/o Mrs. W. S. Toples, Movara, Brooklands, Cheshire
GIBB, ANN ISOBELLA, 08/08/1914, Queen Alexandra Military Hospital, Grosvenor Road, London
GARNER, ELSIE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
GWATKIN , GLADYS BRABAZON, 16/08/1914, (MRS STAPLETON), Military Hospital, Thetford
GAW, AGNES WALKER, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
GRAY-MAITLAND, M. E., 17/08/1914, Prince of Wales Hospital, Marylebone Road, London, N.W.
GOODCHILD, MARIANNA ELIZABETH, 21/11/1914, Beaufort War Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol
GRUNDY, DORA ELSIE, 07/10/1914, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
GODWIN, MURIEL HERBERT, 20/08/1914, 11 Herbert Terrace, Clevedon, Somerset [entry crossed through]

HOPTON, MAUD, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HOLBECH, GERTRUDE FRANCES, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HUNTER, MARY DOUGLAS, 17/08/1914, Kineton Hospital, Kineton, Warwickshire
HICKS, EVELYN, 17/08/1914, Salonica
HEALY, ANNA, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HILL, AMY AGNES SARAH, 08/08/1914, Military Hospital, Canterbury
HOARE, WINIFRED INA, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HOLMES, NANCY CHRISTABEL, 16/08/1914, c/o Rev. P. C. Holmes, Goodrest, Malvern
HAGGERSON, HELEN MATILDA, 07/10/1914, B.E.F. France
HUNT, F. N. M., 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HANSON, LOUIE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HOOPER, WINIFRED ADA, 10/10/1914, B.E.F. France
HUGGINS, ALICE BERTHA, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
HEFFERNAN, MAY BEATRICE, 08/08/1914, Hospital for Sisters, Vincent Square
HIGHNAM, CLARA, 08/08/1914, Felixstowe Military Hospital; Died
HADDERTON, MADELINE, 06/11/1914, Highfield Hospital, Southampton
HOUGH, FLORENCE JESSIE, 13/11/1914, Carrig, Surrenden Road, Brighton
HALL, BEATRICE MAY, 13/11/1914, Glengorm Castle
HAYWOOD, KATE ELIZABETH, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HESLOP, LILY, 16/08/1914, The National & Provincial Bank, Carry Street, London
HOLMES, ELEANOR, 16/08/1914, Salonica
HANHART, MURIEL MAY, 16/08/1914, Sobraon Barracks, Colchester
HEBBES, ETHEL MARY, 16/08/1914, Salonica
HODGKINS, ALICE WINIFRED, 16/08/1914, (MRS. ROSLING), c/o J. A. Hodgkins, Esq., 101 Bishop Road, Victoria Park, London, N.E.
HARLEY, FLORENCE, 08/08/1914, Salonica
HAMMOND, NORAH OLIVE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HANSARD, ETHEL MAUD, 12/11/1914, B.E.F. France
HISSEY, MARION, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HARRISON, S. LOUISE, 16/08/1914, Knott Hill House, Stockstead, Manchester
HILES, NORA BICKERTON, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
HUDSON, LILIAN, 07/10/1914, Military Hospital, York
HARDING , MURIEL ANNE, 20/08/1914, Longsight, Manchester [entry crossed through]
HEPBURN, FLORENCE MARY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
HICKMAN, KATHERINE LOUISE, 17/08/1914, c/o Mrs. Alcock, Erleigh, Mansfield, Notts.

ILLINGWORTH, EDITH ANNIE, 08/11/1914, The Old Hall, Birstall, Leeds
JEFFERY, LUCY KATE, 16/08/1914, (MRS. MACDONALD), 31 Westbourne Road, West Kirby, Cheshire
JICKLING , ELLEN MAUD, 17/08/1914, 125 Thanet House, Thanet Street, London, W.C.1
JAQUES, EMILY URSULA, 11/08/1914, c/o Mrs. Flymey, 12 Pelham Grove, Liverpool
JONES, CHARLOTTE EDITH, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
JOHNSON, ELSIE, 13/11/1914, B.E.F. France
JONES, ANNIE MARGARET, 17/08/1914, Glasgow House, Machynlleth, North Wales
JACKSON, AMY V., 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
JONES, MARTHA GWENDOLINE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
JONES, GEORGINA PERCY, 10/10/1914, Dr. Steevens Hospital, Dublin
JOHNSON, GLADYS, 12/08/1914, Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich
JARVIS, SYBIL, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
JOHNSTONE, LYELLE, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
JENKINS, LILY MAY, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
JOHNSTON, KATHLEEN, 17/08/1914, 93 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin
KIDD, RUBY AMELIA, 16/10/1914, Beaufort War Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol
KEMPTHORNE, KATHLEEN MAY, 08/08/1914, (MRS. BATCHELOR), St. John's Lodge, Crowthorne, Berkshire
KILLINGBECK, ELIZABETH, 16/08/1914, Oldham Royal Infirmary
KNOX, JEAN, 17/08/1914, Salonica
KINNEAR , EVELYN, 16/11/1914, B.E.F. France
KERR, EDITH, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
KEWLEY, FRANCES, 16/08/1914, c/o The Manager, London County and Westminster Bank
KIDDLE, VIOLET NORAH, 17/08/1914, Salonica

LLOYD-EDWARDS, JANEY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
LOCKE, OLIVE LOUISE, 08/08/1914, (MRS. GRIFFITHS), B.E.F. France
LORD, EDITH MARY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
LE BROCQ, CLARA ELVIRA, 06/11/1914, 24 Coventry Road, Polygon, Southampton
LUNAN, ANNIE CLARK, 09/11/1914, B.E.F. France
LATHAM, KATHLEEN MARY, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
LONSDALE, MARION, 06/11/1914, Military Hospital, Catterick Camp, Yorkshire
LE SUEUR, ETHEL MAUD, 07/10/1914, c/o A. E. Cooper, The White House, Grosmont, Yorkshire
LOGAN, MARION, 07/10/1914, Eastfield, Southwell, Bristol
LYNCH, DAISY, 17/08/1914, Staff Nurse, QAIMNSR, B.E.F., France
LOCKE, ANNIE MARIA, 16/08/1914, Malta
LEIGH, SARAH, 16/08/1914, District Bank, 14 Hyde Road, Bredbury, Cheshire
LARDNER, GWENDOLINE IRENE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
LINFOOT, ADA, 22/11/1914, Salonica
LUMSDEN, MARGARET SIMPSON, 20/08/1914, Queen Alexandra Military Hospital, Grosvenor Road, London [entry crossed through]
LODER, MARTHA ISABELLA, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
LAMBERT, EDITH, MRS, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
LEACY, SUSAN MARY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France

MORIARTY, EVELYN, 04/11/1914, 17 New Street, Killarney
MORRIN, CLARA MARY, 13/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MARROTT, ROSINA FRANCES, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MORGAN, FLORINA ANNIE, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
MANN, MARGARET CATHERINE, 12/08/1914, Mont Dore, Bournemouth
MASON, DORA, 07/10/1914, B.E.F. France
MARTIN, BERTHA, 24/09/1914, B.E.F. France [entry crossesd through]
MCLEAN, AMY, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MCMANUS, JANE HARRIET, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MAITLAND, ELSIE LILIAN, 17/08/1914, Taranto Military Hospital
MACGREGOR, HESTER, 08/10/1914, Hounslow Military Hospital
MAIR, ANNIE BAGIN, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Cosham
MOORE, SARAH WILHELMINA, 05/10/1914. Queen Mary Military Hospital, Whalley, Lancanshire
MCINTOSH, SUSAN CAROLINE, 11/08/1914, Salonica
MILES, MARGARET, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
MCDOWELL, AMY, 17/08/1914, Military Hospital, York
MITCHELL, BELINDA GAFFNEY, 17/08/1914, c/o Mr. John Mitchell, Gurtunoram, Gorrach Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland
MILLER, ROSETTA, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MACAUSLAN, MARGARET URE, 16/11/1914, 43 Hasland Terrace, Glasgow
MCCOSH, MARIE HARGRAVE, 17/08/1914, Floves, Burnside, Rutherglen, Glasgow
MCCRAE, GRACE DOROTHY, (MRS. STEVENSON), 11/08/1914, 23 Edgbaston Road, Birmingham
MARTINI, ELLEN SABINA, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
MARSH, MARGARET, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
NEWTON, ELIZABETH SCOTT, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
NELSON, MARTHA ISABELLA, 06/11/1914, B.E.F. France
NEWBY, ADA ROSALIE, 16/08/1914, 117 Hervey Street, Ipswich
NEWTON, RUTH ANNIE, (MRS. BAKER), 07/10/1914, 46 Dicconson Street, Wigan, Lancashire
NOEL, MARGARET BETTY, 07/10/1914, Salonica
OSWALD, MARGARET, 07/10/1914, Queen Mary Military Hospital, Whalley, Lancashire
O'BRIEN, M. M., 09/10/1914, B.E.F. France
OAKEY, MABEL LOUISE, 12/08/1914, B.E.F. France
O'CONNOR, FLORENCE, 16/08/1914, Salonica
O'DONOGHUE, KATHLEEN MARGARET, 29/10/1914, St. Elmo, Hornsey Lane Gardens, Highgate, London, N.
OWENS, MARTHA J. MISS, 12/08/1914, Salonica
O'DWYER , MARION, 14/08/1914, 32 Eccles Street, Dublin
ORMROD, MARGARET, 16/08/1914, 58 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan, Lancashire

PARRY, G. GERTRUDE, 12/11/1914, B.E.F. France
POOLE, MARGERY, 16/08/1914, St. John's Rectory, Lewes, Sussex
PRICHARD, FLORENCE MARY, 04/11/1914, B.E.F. France
PETERKIN, MILLICENT BRUCE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
PRINCE, AMELIA ELIZABETH, 12/08/1914, B.E.F. France
PHILLIPS, ADA BLANCHE, 06/11/1914, Salonica
PHILLIPS, ROSA MARY, 17/08/1914, St. John Auxiliary Hospital, Porthcawl, Glamorgan
PHILLIPS, GRACE DOROTHY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
PEET, LILIAN OGDEN, 17/08/1914, Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich
POOLE, ETHEL GEORGINA, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
PHILLIPS, AGNES MIRIAM, 20/11/1914, B.E.F. France
PATERSON, MARION, 08/10/1914, (MRS. BURNHAM), B.E.F. France
PARSONS , ADA MAUDE, 22/10/1914, 41 Brunswick Place, Hove, Sussex
PATERSON, JENTIE BROWNLEE NISH, 17/08/1914, 2 Windsor Quadrant, Kelvinside, Glasgow
PEARSON, HILDA MADELANE, 07/10/1914, Frognal Military Hospital, Sidcup
PARSONS, MARGARET MARY, 07/10/1914, 32 Tything, Worcester
PAULIN, DOROTHY, 16/08/1914, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
QUILTER, ELSIE EVELYN, 04/11/1914, B.E.F. France

RAPSON, GRACE MARY, 20/11/1914 B.E.F. France
RUSHFORTH, ADA, 05/11/1914, B.E.F. France
ROY, JEAN JOHNSTON, 16/08/1914, Queen Mary Military Hospital, Whalley, Lancashire
RIDDELSDELL, CAROLINE ELIZABETH, 05/11/1914, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
RAWLINSON, GERTRUDE EMILY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
REYNOLDS-KNIGHT, MAUD, 11/08/1914, Italy
ROBB, CECILIA BALLINGALL, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
REMNANT, LOUISA, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
ROBINSON, LOUISA ANNIE, 05/11/1914, Guy's Trained Nurse Institution, 14 St. Thomas's Street, London, S.E.
ROBINSON, HANNAH, 16/08/1914, 9 Kelvin Street, Holderness Road, Hull
READ, REBECCA JANE, 20/10/1914, B.E.F. France
RITCHIE, ELIZABETH CLARK, 17/11/1914, Rev. Ritchie, Creich, Cupar, Fife
REBURN, ADELINE, 08/10/1914, B.E.F. France
RUMBAL, ETHEL, 23/08/1914, B.E.F. France
ROBINSON, ETHEL R., 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
RUDMAN, DORA, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
REYNARD,DORA, 17/08/1914, c/o Mrs. Claud Tupper, Blenham, Sandy, Bedfordshire
RIDDLE, MARGARET JANE, 17/08/1914, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
REID, EDITH HARRIET WALLACE, 15/10/1914, B.E.F. France
RONALDSON, MARY FRANCES, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
ROBERTSON, MABEL, 17/08/1914, (MRS STRATTON), 23 Warwick Road, Ealing, London, W.5
RUMBLE, FLORENCE MAY, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Colchester
RAPSON, FLORENCE HARRIET, 17/08/1914, c/o Mrs. Chandler, Bank House, Salisbury

SHARWOOD, HILDA MARY, 12/08/1914, B.E.F. France
STEVENS, FLORENCE MARY, 17/11/1914, B.E.F. France
SWAIN, JANET ELIZABETH, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
SMYTH, EMILY SARAH, 12/11/1914, Prisoners of War Hospital, Belmont, Surrey
SMYTH, EILEEN MARY, 12/11/1914, Prisoners of War Hospital, Belmont, Surrey
SCOTT, ETHEL GERTRUDE, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
STOREY, MARIE PHOEBE, 20/11/1914, Salonica
SILKSTONE, EVELYN MARY, 03/11/1914, B.E.F. France
SPEDDING, FRANCES ANN, 07/10/1914, B.E.F. France
SMITH, CONSTANCE ANNIE UNA, 16/08/1914, c/o G. Swindon, Esq., 36 Westfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
SHACKLETON, ELEANOR HOPE, 17/08/1914, 98d Addison Road, Kensington, London, W.14
SYTHES, BARBARA, MRS., 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
STEPHENSON, JENNIE EUPHEMIA, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, York Place, Brighton
STOKES, NINA CATHERINE, 17/08/1914, Military Hospital, Tipperary
STRANGE , CONSTANCE EVELYN, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
SINCLAIR, MARY MARWICK, 28/10/1914, Salonica
SURTEES, SYBIL EMILY MAUD, 28/10/1914, Military Hospital, Winchester
SPENCE, CISSY, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
SALMOND, GERTRUDE ALICE, 11/09/1914, T. East, 12 Township, Gretna, Scotland
SYKES, MARION, 08/08/1914, Salisbury General Infirmary, Wiltshire
SMARTT, AGNES PATIENCE, 08/08/1914, King George Military Hospital, Dublin
SCHOFIELD, EVA OWEN, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
SOUTHCOTT, F. EMILY, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
STEENSON, SARAH ELEANOR, 11/08/1914, c/o M. Steenson, Matron, 14 General Hospital, Boulogne
SYMONDS, STEPHANIE MURIEL, 16/08/1914, c/o H. Bradshaw, Esq., House of Lords
SWANSTON, GERTRUDE, 16/08/1914, Alexandra Hospital, Cosham
SPICER, ETHEL MARGARET, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
STEPHENSON, GERTRUDE, 20/11/1914, Salonica
SLINGSBY, ELIZABETH, 22/11/1914, B.E.F. France
STONE, E. G., 17/08/1914, Fishmongers' Hall Hospital, London Bridge

TWITCHIN, CASSANDRA, 13/08/1914, B.E.F. France
TICE, WINIFRED ELIZA, 07/10/1914, Military Hospital, Colchester
TIMPSON, MARGARET MARY, 13/08/1914, Italy
TIERNAN, ALICE MARY, 16/08/1914, Military Hospital, Devonport
THOROLD, EDITH MURIEL, 08/08/1914, Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich
THOMSON, HARRIET, 17/08/1914, (MRS. MACLEAN), 1 Cambridge Avenue, Kilcowie, Glasgow
TURNER, AMY HILDA MARY, 07/10/1914, c/o Mrs. A. J. Cockran, Ovingdean, 1 Gratcombe Road, Holloway, London, N.
TWOSE, BLANCHE AUGUSTA, 20/11/1914, 3 Gordon Road, Clifton, Bristol
TILNEY, CONSTANCE, 04/11/1914, B.E.F. France
TRELOAR, GWLADYS ANNIE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
TAYLOR, HELEN ROBB, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
TULLY, ELIZABETH, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France
THURLOW-PRIOR, ISABEL, 11/08/1914, B.E.F. France

UNDERWOOD, LUCY E., 05/11/1914, 36 Somerville Street, St. Anne, Cheshire
WITHERINGTON, CECIL, 08/08/1914, Egypt
WHEATLEY, LILIAN FLORENCE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WINPENNY, LIZZIE, 11/08/1914, Salonica
WALKER, JESSIE WARNOCK, 18/11/1914, Military Hospital, Canterbury
WATT, ELIZA JANE, 16/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WOODHOUSE, MAUD MARION, 16/08/1914, 4 Carlton Gardens, Ealing, London, W.
WOOD, DOROTHY MAUD, 16/08/1914, (MRS. HOAD), Keward House, Wells, Somerset
WALKER, MARY CONSTANCE, 16/08/1914, Alexandra Hospital, Cosham
WATERMAN, AMY, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WITHERS, VIOLET MURIEL, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WALLBANK, KATE, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WALLBANK, ELSIE ROSE, 17/08/1914, The General Hospital, Birmingham
WOOD, EDITH MARY, 17/08/1914, The Yews, Prenton, Birkenhead
WATERMAN, ANNIE, 17/08/1914, Italy
WATERS, GERTRUDE FRANCES, 12/08/1914, 6 Major Terrace, Seaton, Devon
WALKER, MARY, 08/08/1914, Edens Lawns, Haltwhistle, Northumberland
WRIGHT, MAUDE, 08/08/1914, Italy
WILLIAMS, EDITH ANNA, 12/08/1914, Romford House, Griffithstown, Newport, Monmouthshire
WRIGHT, HILDA, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WARNER, WINIFRED ALICE, 04/11/1914, W. F. Warner, Esq., St. Edmund's Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.
WILSON, EDITH JANE, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WILSON, CHRISTINA MURDOCH, 12/11/1914, 192 Hyndland Road, Glasgow
WILLCOX, EDITH ROSINA, 28/10/1914, c/o Henry Willcox, Esq., Kerri, Beach Avenue, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
WHALLEY, ELIZABETH, 08/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WAINWRIGHT, ALICE, 12/11/1914, Nurse Institution, 116 Park Road, Bolton
WILSON, DOROTHY, 17/08/1914, Lyndhurst, Sandford Road, Dublin
WILSON, MARGARET THOMPSON, 12/08/1914, Douglas Square, Newcastleton
WILLIAMS, MARGARET MARY, 12/08/1914, B.E.F. France
WRIGHT, KATHERINE S., 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France
YOUNG, AGNES PATERSON, 17/08/1914, B.E.F. France