There were relatively few awards of the Territorial Force War Medal and the criteria can be found on the 'Medals and Awards' page.  There were 277 awards to members of the Territorial Force Nursing Service, and their names are listed below. This information comes from the TFWM Roll held at The National Archives (WO329/3272). There are few forenames given in the original document, and a number have been inserted here where identity can be confirmed.

ACTON, Millicent A., Matron; ADAMS, A. L. L., Staff Nurse; ALDRIDGE, K., Staff Nurse; ANDREWS, E., Staff Nurse; AUSTIN, A., Sister; BARUGH, Violet, Staff Nurse; BATEMAN, E., Sister; BAXTER, A. M., Sister; BELL, M. J., Sister; BERRY, L. H., Staff Nurse; BISHOP, A. M., Sister; BLACK, M., Staff Nurse; BLUNDELL, M. C., Staff Nurse; BOAG, A. F., Sister; BODDY, A., Sister; BOLLAND, F. J. J., Sister; BOTTOMLEY, B., Staff Nurse; BOULTER, C. J., Staff Nurse; BRADBURNE, Maria, Staff Nurse; BROADFOOT, A., Sister; BROCK, J. A. G., Sister; BROWN, A., Sister; BROWN, A., Sister; BROWN, M. E., Sister; BRYANT, F. L., Staff Nurse; BRYANT, E. R., Staff Nurse; BUCHAN, J., Sister; BUCHANAN, E. K., Sister; BULL, M., Sister; BUNTING, M. R., Sister; BURGES, W. H., Sister; BURKILL, Mary, Staff Nurse; BURNS, P. E., Staff Nurse; BUTT, H., Sister; CAMERON, C., Sister; CAMPBELL, M. G., Sister; CARDOZO, Jessie M., Sister; CARNOCHAN, Marietta A. F., Sister; CAZALET, Charlotte T., Sister; CLARIDGE, Catherine M., Staff Nurse; CLARKE, M., Staff Nurse; CLARKE, K. J., Staff Nurse; CLARKE, V. L. M., Staff Nurse; CLOSE, F. G., Staff Nurse; COOKSLEY, B. M., Staff Nurse; COUPAR, M., Sister; CROOKE, M. H., Assistant Matron; CROSS, S. A., Sister; CRUICKSHANK, E. J., Staff Nurse; CRYER, E. M. M., Staff Nurse; CRYLE, Jean I., Sister; DAGLISH, Selina M., Staff Nurse; DALZIEL, Sarah G., Staff Nurse; DAVIES, E. M., Staff Nurse; DAY, L. M., Sister; DEASY, D. A., Staff Nurse; DELVIN, E. M., Sister; DENISON, E. A., Sister; DENNIS, E. E., Staff Nurse; DINGLE, Florence E., Staff Nurse; DOBSON, G., Sister; DOUET, Zoe B., Sister; DOWNING, M., Staff Nurse; DOWNING, R., Staff Nurse; DRURY, M., Staff Nurse; DUFFETT, Nellie M., Sister; DUKE, E., Staff Nurse;

EARLE, A. L., Sister; EARLE, E. L., Sister; EARNSHAW, E., Staff Nurse; EELES, Gertrude A., Sister; ELGIN, C., Staff Nurse; ELLIOTT, M., Sister; ELLIOTT, E. A., Staff Nurse; ELLITHORNE, J., Sister; ELSE, Harriet M., Staff Nurse; EMBERSON, Ellen M., Sister; EVANS, B., Sister; FAWCETT, A., Staff Nurse; FEARNHEAD, Frances, Staff Nurse; FERGUSSON, F., Staff Nurse; FIELDHOUSE, B., Sister; FIELDHOUSE, Felicia L., Sister; FOX, K., Sister; FRASER, J. A., Sister; FRASER, J., Sister; FRASER, I., Sister; FROGGATT, E. M., Staff Nurse; FULLARTON, Jean F., Sister; GALBRAITH, A. M. N., Sister; GAMMIE, Margaret H., Sister; GENT, Susan E., Sister; GIBSON, A. A. M., Staff Nurse; GILL, A. W., Principal Matron; GILL, F. E., Sister; GOLDSMITH, A. A. V., Staff Nurse; GORDON, A., Staff Nurse; GOULDER, Harriet M., Sister; GRANT, L. M., Sister; GRAY, E., Sister; GREEN, A. E., Sister; GREEN, G. E., Sister; GRIFFIN, L., Staff Nurse; GRUNDY, K. F., Sister; GUISE, Edith H., Sister; HALL, A., Staff Nurse; HARPER, K. G., Staff Nurse; HARRISON, B. E., Sister; HARRISS, E. M., Matron; HARVEY, M. A., Matron; HASTINGS, E., Sister; HAYES, A., Sister; HAYES, A., Sister; HEMSWORTH, C., Staff Nurse; HENDERSON, J. A., Sister; HILLHOUSE, Kate, Staff Nurse; HINDLE, E. M., Staff Nurse; HOLDEN, L. M., Sister; HOLMES, Sister; HOOPER, W. F., Sister; HOPE, W., Sister; HOUSMAN, A. A., Sister; HUGHES, S. J., Staff Nurse; HUMPHREY, E., Sister; HUMPHRIES, E. M., Matron; HUNTER, N. R., Staff Nurse;

IVES, K., Sister; JACKMAN, E., Sister; JAMIESON, J. E., Sister; JAQUES, Gladys, Sister; JENNINGS, M., Sister; JOBSON, H. F., Sister; JONES, M. H., Sister; JONES, F. M., Sister; JONES, L., Staff Nurse; KEYWORTH, Nellie, Staff Nurse; KICKE, Maud M., Staff Nurse; KIMBER, A. J., Sister; KING, K. J., Staff Nurse; KNOTT, M. M., Staff Nurse; KNOWLES, A., Sister; LANDER, H. P., Sister; LAWSON, M. B., Sister; LEBART, Sarah E., Staff Nurse; LEE, D., Staff Nurse; LIDDIARD, Edith M., Staff Nurse; LITTLE, R. B., Staff Nurse; LITTON, G. E., Sister; LUSH, Rowena, Sister; MACDONALD, A., Matron; MACDONALD, J., Sister; MACFIE, C. D., Sister; MACINNES, D., Sister; MACLEOD, J., Sister; MACLEOD, M., Staff Nurse; MAIR, H., Staff Nurse; MALLOWS, E. M., Staff Nurse; MARTIN, E., Sister; MARTIN, M. A., Staff Nurse; MATHIESON, C.M., Sister; MCCARTHY, C.M., Staff Nurse; MCCULLOCH-SNOW, E., Staff Nurse; MCDOWELL, E. A., Staff Nurse; MCGREGOR, W. J. P., Sister; MCMURRAY, W., Sister; MCPHILLIPS, K., Sister; MCTAVISH, C. C., Sister; MELVILLE, M. J., Sister; MERRIMAN, Katherine V. S., Sister; MILBURN, A. E., Staff Nurse; MILLER, I., Sister; MILLIGAN, A. M., Matron; MITCHELL, A. C., Staff Nurse; MOFFAT, A. E., Sister; MOORE, J., Staff Nurse; MOORE, F. A., Sister; MORGAN, J. J., Sister; MORGAN, G., Staff Nurse; MORRIS, L. A., Staff Nurse; MOULSON, Muriel, Staff Nurse; MUNCASTER, Elizabeth A., Sister; MURGATROYD, Ada, Sister;

NEAL, M., Sister; NICCOL, J. S. H., Staff Nurse; NICOLL, A., Staff Nurse; NORTHOVER, Emily M., Matron; OAKLEY, M. A., Sister; OATES, H. R., Matron; OLDFIELD, F. M., Sister; ORCHARDSON, J. B. C., Sister; PAGE, E. A., Staff Nurse; PATERSON, C., Staff Nurse; PAULDEN, Mary, Sister; PHILLIPS, H. M., Staff Nurse; PIRIE, M. J., Sister; PLEACE, Annie T., Sister; PLEDGER, Annie H., Sister; POMEROY, J. S., Sister; POTTER, M. A., Sister; POTTER, A., Sister; PREECE, E., Sister; PRESTON, E. L., Sister; PRIESTLEY, D. M., Staff Nurse; PRITCHARD, N., Sister; PURDIE, M. B., Staff Nurse; RAINE, A. M., Sister; RANDALL, M. A., Staff Nurse; RANGECROFT, Lucy, Sister; REA, L., Sister; REID, A. L., Sister; RICHARDS, E. E., Staff Nurse; RICHARDSON, L., Sister; RIDDELL, M. S., Matron; ROBERTS, J. E., Staff Nurse; ROBERTSON, J., Sister; ROBINSON, D., Staff Nurse; ROGERS, M. E., Sister; ROSE, M. M., Staff Nurse; ROWE, K. M., Sister; RUSS, Leah, Staff Nurse; RUST, A. W., Sister; RYDER, A. L., Sister; SAUNDERS, L. A., Staff Nurse; SCHOFIELD, E., Sister; SCHOLES, A., Sister; SCOTT, L., Sister; SEACOME, B. E., Sister; SEAGER, K. I., Staff Nurse; SEMPERS, D. M., Staff Nurse; SHAW, A., Sister; SHEPHERD, D. M., Sister; SLACK, F. E., Staff Nurse; SMALES, J., Sister; SMITH, K. R., Matron; SMITH, M. I., Sister; SOWERBY, J. C., Staff Nurse; SPENCE, M. J., Staff Nurse; STEVENSON, G. H., Sister; STEVENSON, M., Sister; STEVENSON, A., Sister; STEVENSON, M., Staff Nurse; STEWART, J. C., Sister; STONES, C., Sister; STORAR, I. L., Sister; SUGDEN, S. E., Staff Nurse; SUTHERLAND, A. C., Sister; SWEETING, H. E., Staff Nurse; SWINTON, E. D., Staff Nurse;

TAYLOR, A. A., Sister; THOMSON, E. J. B., Staff Nurse; TURNER, M., Staff Nurse; TYNDAL, M. F., Staff Nurse; USHER, C. M., Sister; VALENTINE, J., Sister; VAUGHAN, A., Sister; VICKERS, A., Staff Nurse; WADDELL, C., Staff Nurse; WADDS, Florence A., Sister; WAHID, Ada M., Sister; WAKEFIELD, J. E., Sister; WALKER, M. R., Sister; WARD WILLIAMS, E., Staff Nurse; WATSON, Rebecca Tringham, Sister; WEALE, Maud H., Matron; WEETMAN, Gertrude M., Staff Nurse; WHITHAM, F. P., Staff Nurse; WHITTAM, Elizabeth J., Sister; WILLIAMS, E. S., Sister; WILSON, G. E., Assistant Matron; WILSON, C. T., Sister; WILSON, A., Staff Nurse; WINTER, E. A., Sister; WOODRUFF, B., Sister; WRIGHT, A., Staff Nurse; WYATT, E., Staff Nurse; YOUNG, E. C., Staff Nurse